Friday, November 30, 2012

Sneak peeks!

A few pictures from the current progress on Obscurum's take on The Pitt.

Doing this made me start hating on Picasa though. Find out why...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A message from your lord and master.

Hello, denizens of Obscurum.

I trust you've enjoyed your venture within the depths of unbridled madness. To face the armatures of the arbitrary and live to tell the tale.

To be part of an expiring species, witnessing your own twilight.

To succumb to the darkness and the futility, and decree that your demise marks a new epoch!

This, is Obscurum.

The Obscurum blog rises!

Yes, I selfishly took the honors of making the first post. Also, I needed at least one post up to see how it's working with the blog's layout. Again, it's another endeavor of mine to use my little designing experience to give a sparkling and fancy layout to a mod well-deserving of such.

I was toying with the idea as well at some point, but in the end it really was Thumble's idea to come up with a blog. I'm here to make it look fancy, maybe post some stuff that I should be posting instead of Thumble. (though I can't think of anything that'd be in such a case)

It feels good to do this. The Nexus is a great place to host a mod, and their Articles system surely is handy, but it's really nothing like a good ol' blog. So yeah, here it is, a new blog. Here you'll get to see the latest Obscurum news, maybe get a sneak peek of what we're doing.

Thumble is the man in charge of the mod and it's development. So unless I need to make an important announcement, I'll leave the OFFICIAL introduction of the blog up to him.