Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Obscurum blog rises!

Yes, I selfishly took the honors of making the first post. Also, I needed at least one post up to see how it's working with the blog's layout. Again, it's another endeavor of mine to use my little designing experience to give a sparkling and fancy layout to a mod well-deserving of such.

I was toying with the idea as well at some point, but in the end it really was Thumble's idea to come up with a blog. I'm here to make it look fancy, maybe post some stuff that I should be posting instead of Thumble. (though I can't think of anything that'd be in such a case)

It feels good to do this. The Nexus is a great place to host a mod, and their Articles system surely is handy, but it's really nothing like a good ol' blog. So yeah, here it is, a new blog. Here you'll get to see the latest Obscurum news, maybe get a sneak peek of what we're doing.

Thumble is the man in charge of the mod and it's development. So unless I need to make an important announcement, I'll leave the OFFICIAL introduction of the blog up to him.

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